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  • What we can do to reduce the uses of disposable single plastic

    How do Ecobox gravity dispensers become more and more popular in Zerowaste shops? Everyone worried about the dispensers being plastic think about how many single use plastics are going to be saved, this is a huge progress.

  • Ecobox at EUROSHOP 2020

    Ecobox at EUROSHOP 2020

  • Department of Foreign Trade Annual Meeting In 2020

    Honor belongs to the past, and only struggle belongs to tomorrow. In 2021, let us continue to write new glory together.

  • Outdoor activities of the Department of Foreign Trade

    Outdoor activities of the Department of Foreign Trade

  • Foreign traders under the epidemic

    Foreign traders under the epidemicThe new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic affects all walks of life across the country. For foreign traders, traffic control and postponement of resumption of work will lead to delays in order delivery, unable to quote normally, and many other direct and indirect effe

  • ECOBOX fights the world epidemic with you ECOBOX

    ECOBOX fights the world epidemic with you

  • How to connect customers Under the epidemic?

    How to connect customers Under the epidemic?People never predicted that the beginning of 2020 would be so difficult.Up to 16:00pm on June 27th, Beijing time, with a total of 9787187 cases diagnosed and 494235 deaths ,COVID-19 has affected 215 countries and regions. It looks like a series of simple n

  • We were doing this during the epidemic

    We were doing this during the epidemic As one of the few manufacturers of bulk food bins, gravity bins and supporting bulk food shelves in China, Ecobox continues to provide a more professional, personalized and fashionable bulk food display solution for many large supermarket chains at home and abr

  • 2020 live up to the years ahead

    The glory of 2019 has passed, and the gate of the century of 2020 has been opened. This time, we will set off again and live up to our expectations. The drums of war were sounded in the mid-century, and Geng Zichun blew the horn. We wrote our wishes today. As long as the whistle of our career so

  • 2019 Ecobox Annual Meeting

    2019 Ecobox Annual Meeting On January 15, 2020, Jiangxi Eco Industrial Co., Ltd. grandly held the annual grand dinner event. All members of the Office and the staff of the Xiaolan Factory attended the banquet. This annual meeting is mainly divided into several contents. First, all members of the co

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