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  • Ecobox: a leader in low-carbon consumption

    Low-carbon consumption is one of the mainstream consumption forms today, and it is also an effective means to protect the environment and sustainable social development. Advocating and practicing low-carbon consumption not only requires consumers to take practical actions, but also requires the full

  • What we can do to reduce the uses of disposable single plastic

    How do Ecobox gravity dispensers become more and more popular in Zerowaste shops? Everyone worried about the dispensers being plastic think about how many single use plastics are going to be saved, this is a huge progress.

  • Ecobox at EUROSHOP 2020

    Ecobox at EUROSHOP 2020

  • Bulk is Beauty

    Ecobox bulk food dispensers and scoop bins are used in supermarkets and retail stores with a more tidy and beautiful way of displaying food, and bring your customers a more comfortable shopping experience.

  • Ecobox -- Food Display Specialist

    Ecobox -- Food Display Specialist Jiangxi Ecobox Technology Group Co., Ltd. is located in Nanchang, a civilized and heroic city with the reputation of "Edinburgh" in the East. There are Tengwang Pavilion, which is known as the "First Floor of Xijiang River", "Poyang Lake", the largest freshwater lak

  • How to open a zerowaste shop?

    Speaking of naked food, many people should not have a clear concept, but the nuts, candied fruits, and whole grains that are placed in transparent food boxes in the supermarket are not unfamiliar. They often rely on consumers to take out the products they want with a food shovel, and then weigh them

  • Department of Foreign Trade Annual Meeting In 2020

    Honor belongs to the past, and only struggle belongs to tomorrow. In 2021, let us continue to write new glory together.

  • Outdoor activities of the Department of Foreign Trade

    Outdoor activities of the Department of Foreign Trade

  • Foreign traders under the epidemic

    Foreign traders under the epidemicThe new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic affects all walks of life across the country. For foreign traders, traffic control and postponement of resumption of work will lead to delays in order delivery, unable to quote normally, and many other direct and indirect effe

  • ECOBOX fights the world epidemic with you ECOBOX

    ECOBOX fights the world epidemic with you

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