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Bulk is Beauty

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Ecobox bulk food dispensers and scoop bins are used in supermarkets and retail stores with a more tidy and beautiful 

way of displaying food, and bring your customers a more comfortable shopping experience.


Ecobox serves the display of bulk foods, and provides a variety of display methods for different types of bulk foods

Gravity bins (or gravity food dispensers) are mainly suitable for granular bulk food such as nuts, candy, cereals, 

pet food and loose pasta. Through the principle of gravity, the handle is pressed to make the food fall. Scoop bins 

(or bulk food bins) have a wider range of applications. In addition to the food suitable for gravity bins, they can also 

be used for flour, tea leaf, herbs and other light-weight bulk foods. At the same time, corresponding accessories are 

provided for customers to choose products.


Ecobox products such as gravity food dispensers and bulk food bins have good sealing performance, 

are tough and not easy to be damaged, and are easy to disassemble and clean, 

which can improve the efficiency of sorting and replacing the bulk foods in the container; 

the transparent and non-colored container body allows customers to intuitively see the food itself,

 increase customers' desire to shop; the integrated shelf display equipment that combines gravity bin

(or bulk food dispensers)and scoop bins (or bulk food bins) can customize shelf display methods and 

pictures according to your needs, and is suitable for personalized supermarkets, stores, candy stores and retail. 

Store and other scenes, optimize and upgrade the way of bulk food display, 

effectively reduce the display space that needs to be used, and finally create a satisfactory store display effect.


Based on the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, we will create a zero-waste bulk food display plan, 

give you personalized product choices, and create beautiful and diverse bulk food display effects. Ecobox must be your best partner 

for beautiful bulk food display.


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