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Is it plastic? Our products are made of environmentally friendly, recyclable food-grade plastic; what kind of food containers? Our products are stylish, eye-catching, self-service systems that are beautiful and modern. If you want to make your store or supermarket stand out, we can help you make it happen.

We now have gravity dispensers series, mobile storage scoop bins series, bulk weighing food bins series, sealed bulk food bins series and matching display shelves, etc., we can recommend personalized display solutions for you according to your needs.

gravity dispenser

Products in the gravity dispensers series are currently available in three styles in a variety of capacities and sizes. When customers choose what they want, they do not touch the food, but control the handle to let the food fall into the container, and the handle has antibacterial ingredients to keep it clean and hygienic; with the base or hook mounting accessories, you can choose where you want to place it, how to display it, easy to disassemble and assemble, and you can regularly remove the main body of the dispenser for cleaning and arranging; our dispensers serves to reduce food packaging and waste, which is in line with people's shopping habits.

The mobile storage scoop bins series, bulk weighing food bins series, sealed bulk food bins series are rich and diverse, and there are classified display methods suitable for nuts, spices, candies, etc. It is mostly used in supermarkets, stores, retail stores, etc. food display containers, we can also provide auxiliary products such as spoons and clips for selecting food, which also does not allow people to directly touch the food.

There are also our specially customized display shelves, which combine gravity dispensers and bulk food bins for display, with a neat and beautiful display effect. There is always a decoration and display style suitable for your store or supermarket.

If you want to buy our products and want to know more details about our products, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we will sincerely serve you.


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