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Ecobox: New Arrivals

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From 2022 to 2023, we updated two series of products: Gravity Bin Series and Sealed Food Bin Series, new products that are more in line with customer needs.

Gravity bin series new ZT-07 to ZT-10

After a period of design and testing, at the same time, from the past sales experience and customer feedback inspiration, in the original gravity bin based on the transformation and upgrade, we have introduced a new type of gravity bin.

A total of four sizes, using one-piece main design, separate outlet and with a sealing ring cover, easy to disassemble, more easy to clean, and improve the sealing performance of the gravity bin;  handle with anti-bacterial materials, customers can be assured to use; and external export regulator, control flow more convenient.


Sealed Food Box series new MY-and MF-series

Perfect the sealed food bin series products, in the original three based on the launch of a new sealed box, a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

The toughened glass cover is wrapped in a sealing ring and fits snugly into the boxes. Some boxes can be inserted into the partition, and two different foods can be displayed in one box. A clear food display, excellent sealing performance, can better preserve the bulk of food (naked candy, nuts, dried fruit, grains, snacks, etc.) freshness, for supermarkets, zerowaste stores and retail shops to provide a variety of display effects.



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