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What we can do to reduce the uses of disposable single plastic

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How do Ecobox gravity dispensers become more and more popular in Zerowaste shops?

Zerowaste concept is a big tast for people in the world. We can see so many marine life get hurt due to the marine pollution. Uses of disposable single plastic is one of the "Murderer".

Ocean garbage

I have post an article to FB to share the bulk food dispenser solutions,with that dispensers, all food can be sold in bulk; There are many people questioning that the dispenser itself is plastc, what a shame to propose a zerowaste concept by using a plastic dispenser.


I agreed one of the people said, everyone worried about the dispensers being plastic think about how many single use plastics are going to be saved, this is a huge progress.

We only have one world, saving disposable plastic is a long time progress, should be done step by step and should have done by millions of people doing it imperfectly. 

Plastic is very important to our daily life, we cannot live without plastic, but we can use it much better.


At last, I will keep recommend the bulk food gravity bin dispensers display solutions, will keep sharing.


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