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Stories with Ecobox

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Stories with Ecobox

Ecobox is ready to offer you great prices and services on all our products. Now in our 13 years and getting stronger, our team are waiting to assist you.

Let's talk about some stories about Ecobox and organic or zerowaste shops:

2018.5.6 We met Lusivan at the booth of APAS in Brazil. He purchased a batch of gravity bins and scoop bins, and started cooperation with Ecobox. We had a great time and he told us about his zero waste shops plan. The picture is the feedback he sent us . The Ecobox team was very happy to see Luis's store business getting better and better. A few months later, he opened a second bulk food store and placed a second order, we believe his business will be better and better.

Ecobox story

2018.5.14 We received the first inquiry from the Oman customer Ashraf. He asked a lot about Ecobox shelf and bulk food dispensers. After a month of detailed confirmation and modification of the program, Ecobox team received the customer’s First order. Because of the first cooperation, the customer is more or less confused about our company. Our team has eliminated the customer's doubts eventually. In the next six months, we have received four purchase orders from customers and we are talking about distributors of Ecobox.

Ecobox story2


It was the first time we saw Martin, a customer from Chile. He came to the China Canton Fair and insist to visit our factory. Martin stayed in Nanchang for three days. He said that he likes the comfort of Nanchang more than the prosperity of Guangzhou. We took him to visit various attractions, and each of our colleagues especially liked this simple and lovely boy. After confirming the quality of our products, he made the first formal order. Within six months, Martin opened 5 food stores, and many locals came to visit his store, he became a wholeseller of Ecobox products in Chile as well because of the good quality and market requirement. 

Ecobox story 3


After the Russian customer Gayana contacted us and offered him the catalogue, he was very satisfied and said that he officially looked for the product. After purchasing the samples, his company is very satisfied with the quality of our products. A few weeks later, I purchased a small batch of bulk food dispensers again. A few months later, Gyana re-purchased 200 bulk food dispensers, and he told us that they opened several branches. In the next two months, they are ready to open nearly 300 branches. We are very happy to work further with Gayana.

Ecobox story 4




Bolivian customer Wilson saw our products on Facebook, a fitness food company, ready to open a health food store. Our shelves fit perfectly with our customers' stores. Many locals asked where they bought the box.

Ecobox story 5


Not work with us before? Give us a try and you won't be disappointed.

We help with your display solution,bulk food dispenser supply and more. 

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