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How to open a zerowaste shop?

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Speaking of naked food, many people should not have a clear concept, but the nuts, candied fruits, and whole grains that are placed in transparent food boxes in the supermarket are not unfamiliar. They often rely on consumers to take out the products they want with a food shovel, and then weigh them, which is also part of the bulk food.

food dispenser

Simply put, naked food is unpackaged food. The biggest advantage is naturally no packaging and no waste, and reducing the use of plastic bags will make it more environmentally friendly.

As my country continues to attach importance to environmental protection, consumers' awareness of plastic reduction is also increasing, and the naked food industry has received more attention. In this context, Jiangxi ECO Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ecobox") takes root in the naked food industry and is committed to providing customers with safe and transparent food display props, and providing consumers with more convenient and healthy shopping Environment, actively make its own contribution to environmental protection.

01 - Strong "motor" to drive the development of the enterprise

The R&D capability of an enterprise is a "motor", and a powerful motor can drive the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.

Ecobox was founded in 2015, adhering to the development concept of "focus on stores * terminal services * customized experts". It has pioneering significance in the world, combining naked food and snack food display props, focusing on designing and carefully developing new series of food containers and handy and personalized supporting display displays.

Positioning is not only a corporate slogan, but also a promise to consumers. In order to achieve its goal, Ecobox has become a comprehensive enterprise that specializes in the production of food containers and display props based on Jiangxi and facing the world, integrating R&D, production and sales.


Ecobox has a production scale of 7000 square meters, and gradually has 5 R&D personnel who have worked in the injection molding industry for 10 years. It has introduced 22 injection molding machines, including two-color machines, electric motors, etc., which can meet various injection molding requirements. In addition, there are 1 set of central feeding system, 5 sets of five-axis servo robots, 3 sets of three-axis servo robots, 1 set of three-axis servo robots, and several auxiliary intelligent equipment. It has 1 invention patent, 13 utility model and appearance patents, and has obvious advantages in patent application and reserve.

Factory view

It is worth mentioning that Ecobox is not a company that only talks about things on paper, but has always been down-to-earth to put technical advantages into products. For example, in the past, food boxes have always had the problem of food being susceptible to moisture. Ecobox did not ignore it because it was common, but carefully studied the reasons, and found that it was because ordinary food boxes with lids did not have a sealing ring.

After discovering the problem, it was to solve the problem. Li Guoping, the general manager of Ecobox, decisively proposed an improvement plan. After repeated experiments, he launched a food box with a sealing ring, which solved the problem of food moisture.

Although it is only a small improvement, it reflects the attitude of Ecobox to do research and development for the industry and consumers.

02-Better products can be more environmentally friendly

The essence of products is to solve problems for customers. Customer needs have always been the direction of Ecobox. In response to the different needs of different customers, Ecobox has created a batch of core products that are both practical and beautiful.

High practicability and good quality can be truly environmentally friendly, while aesthetics can optimize product display and bring consumers a better visual experience.

For example, the gravity box, which is mainly launched for retail customers, is injection-molded and uses a durable beef tendon pull ring to easily control the export volume. The display warehouse and the storage warehouse are designed separately. Even if the stored goods are sold out, the display effect will not be affected. It is suitable for a variety of free-flowing products, such as cereals, beans, candies, nuts and so on.

Bulk food boxes can be used to store small and medium-sized block or granular foods, such as naked candy, bulk snacks, whole grains, nuts, and other pre-packaged foods. The characteristic is made of imported PC materials, high transparency and beautiful appearance, and super anti-wear; the damping design of the box cover can automatically and slowly close, not only to avoid noise, but also to prevent the dust from entering the customer if the cover is not closed in time;

Food dispenser gravity bin

There is also the above-mentioned sealed food box, whether it is for supermarkets or families, it is a good choice for storing products. Peanuts, sunflower seeds and biscuits that are susceptible to moisture can be put in and sealed for storage. The series of sealed food boxes have various and unique designs, which are suitable for various display schemes.

airtight candy jar

Traditional plastic food boxes are soft and easily deformed, and the replacement frequency is relatively high, which also leads to waste and environmental protection to a certain extent. On the basis of the old generation of products, Ecobox has strengthened the thickness of the food box, increased its toughness, and selected higher-quality materials, which gave birth to the high-transparency and high-quality Ecobox food box.

scoop bin food container

More high-quality products can be more environmentally friendly.

03-The foundation is deep enough, the service can be more in place

In Ecobox’s corporate culture, “valuing quality and pursuing quality” is the top priority. Ecobox said that it will continue to maintain its advantages in technology, quality, cost, delivery, and service, and bring customers better and better results. Good experience.

Ecobox has indeed achieved this. Since its establishment, the company has reached good cooperation with many domestic and foreign brands, including Mengniu, BBK, WANZL and so on. General Manager Li Guoping said sincerely, "We have always focused on quality, and the customers we cooperate with basically agree with our brand quality and our products. We do our best to do our best to serve our distributors and make our partners indestructible. Backing."

This is enough to show that Ecobox has a deep foundation in product quality. Of course, it is not only the superior product quality, but Ecobox is also dedicated to other customer services.

This year, Ecobox moved to a bigger “Home”, and the warehouse was changed to an automated warehousing, which can store more goods. In the future, it can shorten the supply cycle and improve the responsiveness to users in various emergencies. We will talk this in details next time.

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The fear stems from the lack of firepower, and efforts to build hardware facilities and solve problems among consumers will probably be able to meet market challenges with confidence.


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