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Ecobox: a leader in low-carbon consumption

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Low-carbon consumption is one of the mainstream consumption forms today, and it is also an effective means to protect the environment and sustainable social development. Advocating and practicing low-carbon consumption not only requires consumers to take practical actions, but also requires the full support of many production and operation enterprises.

As a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of food containers and display props, Ecobox has been committed to the development and production of gravity bins and bulk food bins based on environmentally friendly materials. Zero-waste-based food packaging and display solutions provide high-quality display props for food enterprises, supermarkets and organic food retail stores, thereby bringing about the optimization and upgrading of the consumer industry, injecting vitality into low-carbon consumption, and also promoting low-carbon consumption. The effective implementation provides a good source of protection.


Food consumption usually accounts for a large part of people's daily consumption. When people buy food, they also buy food packaging, and excessive packaging will inevitably cause waste and pollution, which goes against the concept and requirements of low-carbon consumption. The products such as gravity bins and scoop bins developed by us replace disposable food packaging with recyclable environmentally friendly food containers. The products are easy to place and clean, and have high utilization efficiency, which can provide cleanliness for supermarkets, organic food stores, etc. , beautiful food display effect, customers will not only feel comfortable and at ease when consuming, but will also naturally experience the fun brought by low-carbon consumption. While practicing low-carbon consumption, it also achieves the effect of promoting environmental protection.

This is one of the important purposes for Ecobox to develop and produce environmentally friendly food containers and display props, and it is also an important reason for the company to become a leader in low-carbon consumption. We sincerely hope that more supermarkets, organic food stores and food companies can work with us to jointly promote low-carbon consumption.


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