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Ecobox Looking Back 2019

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Ecobox Looking Back 2019

2019 is coming to end. As we all know, Jiangxi Eco Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of  bulk food containers and display solution located in Jiangxi and  facing the world. It integrates research and development, production and sales. Looking back, ecobox 2019 mainly occurred the following  Several major events of  great commemorative significance.


Established Ecobox new sister company -Jiangxi Enco Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


 In order to continue to meet the growing demand for domestic and foreign market shares, on the basis that ecobox's original production capacity can no longer meet the growing market demand, Mr. Li, the founder of ecobox, resolutely expanded the plant area, and newly purchased machinery and equipment. The sister company Enco Intelligent Technology I.Co., Ltd.emerged at the historic moment, and Step into the right track in April, making the quality of ecobox's products a qualitative leap, and the output has been further improved, with annual sales increasing by nearly 40% compared with 2018.


 New product development and arrival


As the requirement of customers at domestic and abroad continue to grow, ecobox has successfully developed a new 10 cm wide gravity bin. This new product has 3 different heights and capacities, which is sufficient to meet the different display needs of customers. This new product has a simple structure and seal Good, easy to install and clean, no matter your existing shelf is 60 cm, 80 cm or 90 cm, our new gravity bin can perfectly match it.


At the same time, ecobox are also arrived two type new candy boxes. SPH-004 and SPH-037. Compared with the existing ecobox boxes, SPH-004 adds leaky drawers and automatic closing lids design. It will help to Reduced food waste and labor costs and improved food preservation functions.


l Domestic and foreign exhibitions


Every year ecocbox participates in well-known related industry exhibitions in the retail industry, especially chinashop, euroshop, large food exhibitions and other foreign related retail exhibitions. In March 2019, ecobox participated in India's In-store ASIA retail show and Australia's new retail show ,whats more, ecobox will plan to exhibit in India for 3 consecutive years starting from 2019, and the ecobox brand will also penetrate the hearts of Indian people.


l  Ecobox team building

In order to reward employees for their outstanding performance contributions, ecobox will take part of the funds for the construction of the department. In April, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Trade traveled to Nha Trang, Vietnam, tasted the local cuisine and experienced the local customs of Vietnam. The development of group building activities has greatly enriched the amateur life of employees and improved the cohesion of the company.



Jiangxi Eco Technology Group Co., Ltd. located in Jiangxi , is a comprehensive enterprise with products development, production and sales,which specializes in the production of bulk food dispensers, bulk food bins and display systems for global market.



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