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About Ecobox Team

Ecobox with 3 companies name: Jiangxi ECO Industrial Co., Ltd, Nanchang Renchuang Showcase Co., Ltd and Jiangxi ENCO Intelligency Technology Co., Ltd

Located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China. We specialize in the production of supermarket shelves and food display dispensers.Committed to creating zero waste equipment,Has more than ten years of production and sales experience.

Gravity bin display solution

ECOBOX is divided into the Ministry of Internal Trade and the Foreign Trade Department.

Of course, the team I am talking about is the foreign trade team.

ecobox team

ECOBOX has the most professional sales team to provide high quality products and best service.

In our sales team, we are divided into two teams, each month will have a performance competition,Although we have the pressure of performance, we are very friendly to each other, there will be no bad competition, we will only help each other, ECOBOX's team spends their spare time together in various national exhibitions, gathering together and outdoor activities.,Every month, we have a variety of activities, swimming, climbing, barbecue, etc.

Ecobox hotpot

ECOBOX’S SPA parties and dinner.

Look, this hot pot party:


Very spicy, the kind that makes you sweaty in the cold winter but very tasteful,Do you think this hot pot is delicious? If you like this taste too, want to experience this feeling, come on,Do not hesitateOur ECOBOX team will give you the best experience in the city after work.The ECOBOX team is always able to find the most delicious food in a city.

Ecobox in Vietnam

ECOBOX in Vietnam

Thanks to the outstanding performance of the ECOBOX team, our boss, Mr. Li, let us go to Vietnam for a holiday.

In the beautiful Gulf of Vietnam, the ECOBOX team has had a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday, They swim, do spa, hot springs, diving, etc.

ECOBOX team,they appreciate the beautiful local scenery and humanities,Understand the local consumption situation in Vietnam and the level of economic consumption,This will also enable ECOBOX's bulk food dispenser to sell better in the future.

Due to the off-season customer holiday, we have experienced many difficult days together.Despite the many customers who have complicated requirements,Ialso don’t want to talk to us for various reasons..But we never gave up from beginning to end, we have been treating each customer with the most patience.After the transaction, the customer usually gives us the greatest praise and eventually becomes our long-term cooperation partner.

I believe that such a team will be able to expand the ECOBOX brand to a globally renowned brand, so that every country can see the ECOBOX's gravity dispenser and display shelf.

But the most important point is that if one day ECOBOX becomes a world brand, it is not only because of the professionalism, patience, enthusiasm and responsibility of this sales team, but more importantly, the quality of the products and the future prospects of the products and the best after-sales service. 


After reading my simple instructions, would you like to know more about the ECOBOX team and their products?

Then please pay attention to our company's website, we will update our company's product information and company dynamics frequently.


Jiangxi Eco Technology Group Co., Ltd. located in Jiangxi , is a comprehensive enterprise with products development, production and sales,which specializes in the production of bulk food dispensers, bulk food bins and display systems for global market.



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