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Zero waste, huge harvest - By Ecobox

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Zero waste, huge harvest

With the increasing number of world’s population,more and more food resource are consumed fast day by day.However,according to the survey,the world wastes up to 1.3 billion tons of food every year.In order to improve current conditions,many country are dedicated in reducing food waste and any other resource waste.The concept of “zero waste” also get popular in all over the world.

The food waste,in the final analysis, it is unrestrained and unplanned request from foods.In the meantime,people never consider the actual needs of the foods or they can not only request the foods they want.Food waste appears obviously when people take more than needed. The harm to environment of the food waste is obvious.However,the bulk foods play a import role in reducing food waste.As for the bulk foods,people can only take the foods they want.By doing that, we can reducing food waste effectively.

Nowadays,more and more governments already come up with series of policy to reduce the food waste.Base on the concept of zero waste’’,they also provide a serious of appropriate measures.One of these is to encourage to purchase bulk foods.They encourage people to purchase the foods they needed,and people can be unrestricted from the packaged foods then they can matched the request with the acquire perfectly.Therefore,people can reduce the foods waste easily.

Ecobox zerowste

Maybe someone will complain that the bulk foods are not easy to be store,the freshness of the foods also can not be guaranteed.However,the bulk food dispensers from Jiangxi Eco Industrial Co., Ltd already solve the problems perfectly.For example of the gravity dispenser,people pour into the bulk foods from the top of the dispenser,reply on the gravity,bulk foods can be took from the bottom open door of the gravity dispensers.The way of First-in and first-out guarantee the food freshness perfectly.Together with the 90% sealing design,it is possible for people to preserve the bulk foods for a long time.And the gravity dispenser are made of PC material which is unbreakable .It’s also reduce the waste of the world resource.Meanwhile,the gravity dispensers highlight the advantages of bulk foods,fitting to reduce food waste effectively.

gravity bin

gravity dispenser

With the combination of bulk foods and bulk foods dispensers the foods can be obtained planned and controlled by more and more people.The result is that the condition of food wast get better day by day.We believe that we can get the huge harvest from the zero waste.


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