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We were doing this during the epidemic

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We were doing this during the epidemic


As one of the few manufacturers of bulk food bins, gravity bins and supporting bulk food shelves in China, Ecobox continues to provide a more professional, personalized and fashionable bulk food display solution for many large supermarket chains at home and abroad. At the time of gaining a good response from the domestic market, Ecobox resolutely set up the department of Foreign Trade in 2016 to develop foreign markets. Today, let's talk about some things about the Foreign Trade Department, which is responsible for export.1

Ecobox booth in Euroshop 2020



The year 2020 is bound to be an extraordinary year. While the epidemic in China is basically stable, the resumption of work and production is proceeding smoothly and orderly at home, and the sudden outbreak of large-scale foreign epidemic has disrupted the normal operation of many global trade exchanges. Affected by the epidemic, the global economy has been severely impacted. As a result, many retail industries have closed down the wind wave, foreign trade related industries immediately into the winter. To this end, our foreign trade workers are actively using this period of time to do internal work, enhance competitiveness, and constantly lay a good foundation, from the following aspects.


1. Update and improve the product information of online platforms (Alibaba international and Made-in-China).

Actively use this period to modify the product information of the platform, modify the unexposed products, enrich the product information content, constantly upload the number of products on the platform, for the subsequent platform to continue to accumulate platform data, more traffic and increase exposure to lay the groundwork.


2. Maintain intention customers and some old customers.

In this special period, we are actively responding to the company's requirements, to provide certain free masks for customers in need, to assist customers in the domestic procurement of other needed epidemic prevention supplies, to help customers through the difficult time, let customers feel the care and warmth from Ecobox.


3. Develop new customers through multiple channels

Regularly push a batch of feedback pictures and videos from customers through social software, win praise from a large number of old customers, and even attract a part of new prospective customers to ask for more details of the product, contributing to the company's product promotion.


All members of the Foreign trade department



Now, the domestic market is already showing new vigor and vitality. At the same time, some foreign markets are quietly preparing to resume work and production, and foreign trade enterprises will be revitalized with new vigor and vitality. We believe that the impact of the epidemic on imports and exports will be temporary and phased, but the trend of long-term growth in foreign trade remains unchanged. Some foreign supermarkets and retail stores are also being opened in succession, and we are sure to shine a new light in this retail market.


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