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Outdoor activities of the Department of Foreign Trade

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Outdoor activities of the Department of Foreign Trade

In order to further unite the cooperation between members of the Foreign Trade Department, gather the overall strength and centripetal force of the department, cultivate team awareness, and enrich the spare time of employees. To this end, the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Ecobox organized a four-day departmental team building activity from August 12 to 15.


At noon on August 12, all members of the department gathered to Nanchang West High-speed Railway Station to start a 4-day trip. In the evening, after more than 4 hours’ drive, we arrived in Guilin and rushed to the pre-booked homestay. After a short break, we tasted local delicacies that night, and visited the local urban landscape-the night view of the two rivers and four lakes. Busy and vibrant local characteristic commercial pedestrian street.



The next day, I set foot on the Lijiang River Scenic Spot in Yangshuo, Guilin, which is well-known at home and abroad, and took a boat up to a piece of clear water and green mountains. The quaint pastoral scenery was so beautiful. I truly experienced the beautiful Lijiang Wonderland of "the boat is walking in the river, and people are swimming in the painting". . Among them, the pattern on the back of the new version of RMB 20 is just a section of the Lijiang landscape.



Secondly, we also took a local unique bamboo raft to take a close-up tour of the Lijiang River scenery, the beautiful peaks, and the natural landscape surrounded by mountains and water, all admiring the magical craftsmanship of nature, intoxicating and relaxing.







The short-term team building activities soon came to an end, and we were also on the way back. It is believed that the launch of this team building is a good start for the department to gather team awareness and strengthen collaboration, and it also promotes communication and cooperation between teams. At the same time, the department members were relieved from the intense and fast-paced work, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers during the journey, tasted the local cuisine, and relaxed. Let the members of the department devote themselves to the future work with a more enthusiastic and full spirit, and jointly help the entire department and the entire company to achieve a higher level.


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