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How to connect customers Under the epidemic?

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How to connect customers Under the epidemic?

People never predicted that the beginning of 2020 would be so difficult.

Up to 16:00pm on June 27th, Beijing time, with a total of 9787187 cases diagnosed and 494235 deaths ,COVID-19 has affected 215 countries and regions. It looks like a series of simple numbers, but it is a living existence. There is no doubt that the epidemic has greatly affected people's lives and work, however, what we can do is to minimize the impact on us.

The sudden large-scale spread of the international epidemic has severely damaged the entire international market. More and more countries intend to "closing the city" and "closing the country." Obviously,the consumption has decreased. A large number of non-epidemic urgently needed materials have been interrupted. Purchasing demand has dropped sharply, which inevitably impacted the stability of our export-oriented enterprises. As a foreign trader, we know that customers are of top priority, and what we can do is learn how to strengthen our customer connection. Only a sufficiently strong customer customer connection can be cast into a trade corridor.




However, how can we strengthen our customer connection?

Firstly,Maintain the connection with the old customers and enhance the stickiness with the customers. In this special time, many old customers hold a wait-and-see attitude or even a passive attitude towards purchasing and investment. They are intend to hold the funds in their hands firmly because it provide adequate protection for their lives.If you urge customers to invest or purchase for the sake of performance at this time, you will inevitably be rejected by the customers, or even anger the customers, breaking your relationships. What we should do is not to let customers spend money, but to stand in the perspective of a friend to send warmth.On the one hand, the information connection cannot be lacking. We need to strengthen information links with customers, stabilize customer emotions, and build their confidence. On the other hand, we should provide some value-added services within our ability. Under the epidemic situation, the epidemic prevention materials have become more and more popular, and the demand for epidemic prevention materials continues to rise at home and abroad. Obviously,Our old customers are in urgent need of epidemic prevention materials, However,the foreign production capacity is still a bit different from that of domestic ones. At this time, we can provide customers with high-quality epidemic prevention materials within our own ability. One can "send charcoal in the snow" and effectively maintain the connection with the old customers. Secondly, it can also help foreign customers get out of trouble, and let the world end the epidemic as soon as possible.




Then ,using customers' current free time to establish contact with new customers. Affected by the epidemic, more and more customers are working from home, and the work intensity is relatively reduced. At this time, the response rate will be relatively improved. In the current situation, a valid development letter can start a new begin of our communication, and customers who have previously ignored them may now establish contact with us for searching more choices. Having established contact with new customers, we can fully demonstrate our company's advantages, highlight the company's products and services, and allow customers to fully understand our company in sufficient time, which can greatly improve the possibility of cooperation. Although current customers will not make any commitments and almost never place any orders to us, as long as we believe that the company's advantages are fully demonstrated, customers will definitely come to us in the future. Please also believe that hard work will definitely result in good results.



The epidemic has an inevitable impact on foreign trade, but the impact is periodic and transient. As a series of foreign trade stabilization policies come into effect, new epidemic results have been achieved in epidemic prevention and control, the foreign trade will bloom shortly. let us wait and see!



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