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Foreign traders under the epidemic

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Foreign traders under the epidemic

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic affects all walks of life across the country. For foreign traders, traffic control and postponement of resumption of work will lead to delays in order delivery, unable to quote normally, and many other direct and indirect effects. In the end, we should How can you play your role and do your job well in this special "war against viruses" ?

In the face of the negative impact of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, it will be very difficult to "stabilize foreign trade", which is undoubtedly a huge test for every foreign trader. As a foreign trader, we must first make preparations for thinking and cognition, and respond to actual work simultaneously. We do not need to exaggerate the actual panic, nor do we need blind and optimistic self-confidence. We must at least do well the following Aspects.


1. Learn to think independently and refuse to spread rumors

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, there has been an endless stream of information from the media and various channels on various networks, horrendous content, texts that incite national emotions...innumerable. One of the most crazy things is that China will be listed as an epidemic country by WHO. First of all, there is no such thing as an "endemic country", let alone a three-year limit. Secondly, after being included in the International Public Health Emergency (PHEIC), the World Health Organization (WHO) will adjust the relevant gradient recommendations as the epidemic develops. To put it simply, PHEIC is just an alert mechanism to warn other countries to strengthen prevention and control. The validity period is 3 months after the release. It can be revoked or modified at any time according to the development of the epidemic situation. "It only takes a mouthful to make a rumor, but it takes a lot of time and effort to explain a rumor.." There are too many inexplicable rumors that are spread very exaggerated. In the face of the epidemic, please keep calm and think independently. Do not make rumors, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, don't go on The rumor is right.


2. Reasonable work arrangement and correct reply to customers

Under the new coronavirus epidemic, reasonable and correct working arrangements will allow you to reduce losses and impacts in this crisis, and seize vitality and initiative. At the same time, we must understand that in order to carry out the work reasonably and correctly, we must clarify the direction and principles of the work under the epidemic.

01. Check to reduce potential risks. Check the orders in hand and pay attention to the performance risk. Arrange transportation in advance and pay attention to logistics risks.Urge the buyer to perform the contract and pay attention to the collection risk.



02. Notice maintenance of related customers.Arrange the customers who place orders for production and shipment, and arrange the shipment matters. Strengthen contact with important customers, communicate closely, care about and greet the epidemic situation of customers, and ask customers if they need any help like epidemic prevention materials. According to market changes and product characteristics, adjust and optimize the promotion plans and strategies to be implemented. Pay attention to changes in trade policies and immigration policies of various countries, as well as changes in policies of airlines and shipping companies. Communicate with customers in advance to find the best solution.

03.Strive to ensure stable production. Clarify the current production capacity, inventory and delivery time of our company, prove the strength of our company, and let new and old customers trust us and place the order to our company.



Can the eggs remain unbroken when the nest is totally ruined?The whole is destroyed and the individual will not be preserved.I firmly believe that the epidemic can be controlled and will soon pass. Because I believe in science and technology, medical level, and those "warriors" who are fighting the epidemic. Home is the smallst country, the country is a million family.Under the epidemic, all countries in the world are one, and the global economy is closely intertwined. Among all things, hope is the most beautiful; the most beautiful things will never fade. May each of us be healthy and safe, may our country be stable and prosperous, and may international trade flourish!


                                                --------Snow Xiong



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