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Ecobox in Zero packaged supermarket

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Zero packaged supermarket.

Without polybags, paper bags, containers in a supermarket, how could people shopping there? 

With the increasingly seriously ecological environment, people's awareness of environmental protection has been gradually improved. Lots of Zerowaste shops have been come to our life these 2 years. Their goals are: Zero packaged, zerowaste grocery shop!

zerowaste shop 1

A unpacked shop in Singapore

zerowaste shop

A zerowaste shop in Philippine

What is zero packaged? It means all products in the shop are “unpackaged”. Just like when we were child, we bought things in bulk. The difference is that usually when we shopping at a shop, they will offer polybags or paperbags for taking things away, however, those zero packaged shops don’t offer any of the packages, polybags, PE bags, etc, we couldn’t even find them in the shop! They all be replaced by pick and mix display shelf and fresh vegetable fixture that we have to buy in bulk. 

You have 2 choices for shopping here. One is by using your own bags or containers, another is by renting a recyclable shopping bag from the shop.

zerowaste shopping

A zerowaste shop in Chile

zerowaste shop with gravity bin in Chile

According to the information that there are 1600millions tons wastage in Germany due to packages in shopping, it could save 75% wastage packages after shopping in zerowaste shop, it could also reduce the UN-necessary cost in the mean time.

Nowadays, there are over 600 kinds of products in a zerowaste shop, such as organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and some liquid products, such as milk, shampoo, etc

zerowaste shop in chile

Many zerowaste shop is opened according to the public fund, such as “Original Inverpackt” in Germany, “Buy in bulk” in UK, ETC, which had caused a huge stir. More and more zerowaste shops have opened recently, such as “Unpackaged.U” in TW, China. “Edgar” in HK,China; “Rise&Win” in Japan; “Unpackaged” in UK; “UNVERPACKT-LADEN” in Germany, etc.

Bulk foods become more and more popular in China, especially under the strong mind of protection to the environmental, as we all know that China has offered big support to protect the environment, such as prohibit of waste from abroad, “garbage sorting policy” in Shanghai, ect. Protect our own earth, starting from ourselves, starting from shopping in zerowaste shop. Most of our action on buy in bulk are in candy shops and supermarkets:

Bulk food dispenser in Jiujiang

Ecobox gravity bins and scoop bins are designed to the developing mind of ecofriendly, all bins are compliant with FDA and EU10/2011 regulation, we also have BPA Free certifications, they are all certified as no harmful to human healthy.

zerowaste gravity bin

A Nut company using Ecobox Zerowaste shopping equipment in supermarket

New ecobox bin

Different types of bulk shopping display solutions


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