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Ecobox in In-store Asia

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Ecobox in In-store Asia Exhibition India

On March 14-16, 2019, the three-day retail trade show [In store Asia] was held In Bombay convention and exhibition center, India, providing an important platform for communication and exhibition to promote the development of the retail market. In order to expand the Indian retail market, accelerate the pace of expanding the international market, and continue to develop new customers to drive and vitality. ECOBOX welcomed a large number of visiting teams at the exhibition site. Customers were very curious about our products and showed extraordinary surprise and strong interest. They stopped to watch. Now let's review the information sent from the exhibition site.


Arrange exhibitions

Ecobox foreign trade team is actively preparing for the construction of the exhibition site.


The entrance site before the exhibition

The exhibition site

The exhibition site

In order to have a clearer understanding of the Indian retail market, the Ecobox foreign tradeteam has traveled thousands of miles to attend this exhibition, only to measure the depth andbreadth of the Indian retail market with the most authentic steps.We firmly believe that the successful launch of this fair will help us lay a solid foundation for comprehensively expanding the Indian market and even the international retail market, and greatly improve the company's popularity and reputation. At the same time, it also enriched our understanding and understanding of the Indian market, so as to make adequate preparations for the development of new international markets.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the representatives of the foreign trade team who attended the exhibition, all the customers who came to the exhibition and all the employees and friends who have been supporting the development of Ecobox silently. Ecobox is more colorful because of you. Of course, the most important thing I want to thank is general manager Li, who has been following the example and led the ministry of foreign trade to overcome all difficulties and challenges in the process of developing the global market. Now, let us work together, led by the concept of innovation and
environmental protection, continue to play a decisive role in the industry for China and the international market.


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