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Ecobox are taking actions to "prevent and control the epidemic,restore enterprises' production and operation"

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Ecobox are taking actions to "prevent and control the epidemic,restore enterprises' production and operation"

      On the eve of the lunar New Year in 2020, a sudden outbreak of new coronavirus spread from wuhan to hubei and even to the whole country, breaking the original lively and festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.All over the country also urgently dispatched medical teams and transported a large number of protective medical supplies to wuhan city and other key areas of Hubei province, we have set up a national idea of a game of chess, to fight against the treatment of the new crown pneumonia.In order to implement the relevant policies of the government, strong prevention and control measures have been taken to avoid unnecessary mobility of personnel as far as possible, making positive contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic.To this end, Ecobox decided to postpone the form of home office to February 25, to help play a good outbreak prevention and sniping to contribute our modest efforts.


      At present, except for Hubei province, the epidemic trend is stable on the whole, and the spread of the epidemic has been effectively curbed. The number of new confirmed cases per day has decreased significantly nationwide.Now in order to respond positively to the spirit of relevant government documents, under the condition of ensuring sufficient prevention and control measures of the epidemic, we will implement classified and zonal management and control, and actively and orderly promote the resumption of business operations.The current outbreak, everywhere is a battlefield, everyone is responsible.Ecobox is also active and rapid action and implementation of the government's relevant requirements, in advance to prepare for the resumption of production.



     On February 26, we officially started work on the first day after the New Year. Before the first day of work, we submitted the report documents to relevant units as required by the government and received the reply to resume work in time. At the same time, we are ready to return to work seriously epidemic prevention of the preparing work before production and make the epidemic prevention and control work related system and internal company formed epidemic prevention and control group, including enterprise to prepare temperature monitor, disinfectant, masks and other necessary to the epidemic prevention and control of materials, to carry out the isolation, safeguard regional office building ventilation, timing do office, canteen, vehicles and other regional comprehensive disinfection, health cleaning.




       At present, we are taking actions to prevent and control the epidemic,and restore the production and operation of enterprises.We have taken effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic, resumed production and production at the same time, actively engaged in the normal production and operation of the enterprise, tried our best to ensure that orders are delivered to customers in a stable and timely manner, and promoted the normal resumption of production in a scientific and orderly way.We also believe that the epidemic will eventually pass and spring flowers will bloom.


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