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ECOBOX fights the world epidemic with you ECOBOX

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ECOBOX fights the world epidemic with you

As we all know, the world's new coronavirus sweeps the world 

This is a war without smoke, The enemy we are facing is this epidemic

In this very grim situation, ECOBOX chose to fight side by side with our customers. We are actively looking for ways to combat the epidemic. We buy the best meltblown cloth, purchase the equipment to make masks, and cooperate with the best mask factories to produce masks.

We produce medical masks around the clock, we ensure that our masks are delivered to our customers in a timely manner and can protect our customers and their families

Under the epidemic ECOBOX is just one of many companies in China. What we can do is do our best to help every customer who needs our help from abroad,

Even if the cost of producing masks is getting higher and higher, meltblown fabrics are getting more and more expensive, but we do nt care about these, we still choose the most sufficient materials to produce our masks,

To ensure that every mask we produce meets the standard




Seeing our box-by-box export of masks to Belgium, Germany, the United States, Italy, and other countries, when we think of customers who can wear the masks sent by our ECOBOX, Our masks can bring health to customers and their families,we think it is worth it


The customers we helped were very happy, And tell us that there is no better present than a mask and we were very pleased to see them take the masks we sent us


The disaster is merciless, but we all have love. ECOBOX always pursues the principle that customers are friends. We not only do business with customers, we also do our best to help customers when they need it.

We hope that all customers can survive the epidemic safely and smoothly. At the same time, we also believe that the epidemic will eventually pass. Take off the mask and greet the day when a smiley face is coming.

ECOBOX is always with you


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