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ECOBOX at the All Food Exhibition - China Ningbo Exhibition

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 ECOBOX at the All Food Exhibition - China Ningbo Exhibition

From August 30 to September 1, 2019, there is a three-day all food exhibition in Ningbo, China.ECOBOX arrived at the pavilion at noon on August 29th.

Ecobox gravity bin exhibition

The exhibits participating in the exhibition were also sent to the exhibition hall.


But now there is a problem, the exhibits that arrive are the display shelf and gravity bin that need to be assembled and placed.So the assembly and handling work all fell on the exhibitors.Another serious problem is that only two of the participating teams are male and four female, so this makes them more difficult to assemble and carry.Looking at the products piled up in the exhibition hall This makes everyone more worried.

Ecobox 2

Do you think that the staff of ECOBOX have retreated and given up? No, this is of course impossible.

They began to discuss countermeasures, maximize the advantages of everyone, remove the goods from the big trucks, move the progress hall, unpack, assemble, and display them in a very orderly manner, and the efficiency is very fast.

Because it is heavy, this work is very difficult and very challenging for girls.

However, after one whole process, no one has any complaints. Everyone just put things together very quickly and arranged the booths.

Therefore, in the work that we thought could not be completed, our exhibitors completed the assembly and decoration of the entire exhibit in just 4 hours.

So what is the situation after the completion?


All exhibits on site have been assembled and achieved the best display results,And each of our products looks very attractive 。we will wait for the official start of tomorrow's show.

 Finally, at the beginning of the exhibition, we arrived at our showroom very early and made the final preparations.


As soon as the time came, the exhibitors entered the field one after another.Sure enough, as we expected, our booth is the most attractive, everyone is attracted by our beautiful products.Below is the real shot of our booth.


We can see that all of our booths are exhibitors. They are very interested in our products. We always ask our exhibitors for detailed information about our products. Our exhibitors have always been very professional and patient to explain.


Product popularity is only part of it. Looking at the whole picture, I believe that zero waste, the concept of new retail will become more and more common in China and the world, then the market for bulk food dispensers and supermarket equipment that we can provide for this concept will be more bigger.


The three days during the exhibition were very busy and very fast.


 Every exhibitor did his best to make the most of his professionalism. He explained patiently to every customer who is interested in our products.


Thanks to the joint efforts of all, we have contacted many new customers. Also heard more professionals on retail, different opinions on bulk food bin, on supermarket equipment, and exchanged ideas with them , also let more people know about the existence of ECOBOX and know that we can provide them with Bulk food dispenser


 So the purpose of our participation has been reached.

So let's take a perfect photo to paint a perfect ending for Ningbo's all Food Exhibition.

Ecobox exhibition


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