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Candy Bin---The perfect match for bulk food

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Candy Bin---The perfect match for bulk food

Jiangxi Eco Industrial Co., Ltd., as a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of food containers and display props, which is based in Jiangxi, is a global enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales. It is important for the storage and sale of different bulk foods. In order to better store and sell all kinds of bulk foods, gravity bins and candy bins have been emerged, and the shelves with them have come one after another. All kinds of bulk foods emitted their own charm in these food bins, attracting consumers who have passed by to stay for more details. A variety of gravity bins, candy bins and shelves in Jiangxi Eco Industrial Co., Ltd. are ready to provide consumers with the best efforts to provide them with the best consumer experience.


In the case of candy bins, in the long-term market practice, the types of candy boxes are no longer single, and the different capacities also meet the different storage needs of different customers. Various materials also meet the needs of different customer groups. And various matching settings are also available, to meet the different shopping habits of consumers. In terms of capacity, it is as large as 22L and as small as 4.5L, which is suitable for different storage needs of large supermarkets, small convenience stores and household consumer groups. Different consumers can choose their own capacity according to their own storage needs. Candy bins of different sizes and shapes, are also well-suited for the storage of bulk foods of various diameters. From walnuts to powders, all kinds of bulk foods are well stored in candy bins.


For materials, candy bins of various materials can also meet different requirements. Various materials include PC, PCTG, PET and PP. The cost of various materials is different, and the advantages and disadvantages are also different from the different materials. Customers can choose different materials according to their own needs. If you are looking for the product's superior toughness, you can choose imported PC material. If you are looking for the economical quality of the product, you can choose PET material... However, the candy bin also has a variety of matching equipment. , candy spoons of various colors can satisfy the personal taste of customers. The transparent boutique candy shovel works perfectly with the transparent candy box to better present a variety of bulk foods. The food clips of various colors are also within the alternative range by the customer.


Undoubtedly, the candy bin is not limited by the size and shape of various bulk foods, and it can store a variety of bulk foods well. The clear product itself can display food in all directions for optimal display. Have to say, the candy bin is really a perfect match for bulk food!


Jiangxi Eco Technology Group Co., Ltd. located in Jiangxi , is a comprehensive enterprise with products development, production and sales,which specializes in the production of bulk food dispensers, bulk food bins and display systems for global market.



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