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Buy in bulk is a trend

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Ecobox focus on bulk retail food display system, which helps building the civilized cities.


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Plastic Packaging garbage mountain

On July 01, 2019, The "Regulations on the Management of Municipal Domestic Wastes", which is known as the "most strict" waste classification regulation in the history, was officially rectified and implemented. In response to the call for national policies, building a civilized and ecological city is the unshirkable responsibility of every citizen. ECOBOX at the forefront of the new era early, that for many years, it has been focusing on the design and development of retail bulk food display containers, helping to build and develop civilized ecological cities.


Ecobox bulk candy and organic food display solutions


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Ecobox located in Jiangxi, is a comprehensive enterprise with products development, production and sales, which specializes in the production of food containers and display systems for global market. Depends on the combination of the premier industry concept of bulk food and leisure food display equipment in international, we committed to providing high quality, fashionable, ECO-Friendly display solutions for high quality food enterprises, stores, supermarkets and boutique chains, as well as synchronously design a good display, the functional supporting containers and the supporting display equipment. Ecobox reformed the old idea of using disposable plastic bags for packaging, which has greatly reduced the amount of garbage generated by disposable food packaging, and has subtly enhanced everyone's environmental awareness and played a vital role in protecting the ecological environment.


Although the most stringent waste classification policy in history has only been around for a week, people’s awareness of environmental protection and the pressure of plastic disposable packaging on the ecological environment have gradually recognized the importance of the ecological environment. importance. Many people are also thinking about how to create a better living environment, how to have a convenient, fast and more environmentally friendly way of shopping. I believe that Shanghai people and even everyone will no longer have the pressure to classify their household waste. Ecobox has greatly reduced disposable plastic waste from the source, which will be a new trend in the future retail development, and new requirements for people's living consumption.


Jiangxi Eco Technology Group Co., Ltd. located in Jiangxi , is a comprehensive enterprise with products development, production and sales,which specializes in the production of bulk food dispensers, bulk food bins and display systems for global market.



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