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2020 live up to the years ahead

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2020 live up to the years ahead

The glory of 2019 has passed, and the gate of the century of 2020 has been opened. This time, we will set off again and live up to our expectations.

     The drums of war were sounded in the mid-century, and Geng Zichun blew the horn. We wrote our wishes today. As long as the whistle of our career sounds, we will sprint on the runway tomorrow with our new and old friends! In the past year, we have experienced ups and downs together, thank you for all your encounters, and thank you for your support and trust along the way. It is because of being with you that ECOBOX will be fruitful today. In 2020, ECOBOX looks forward to further cooperating with you to create another good year of the century.


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. At the beginning of the year, ECOBOX was greeted by the candy show in Cologne, Germany, followed by Euroshop in Dusseldorf, Germany. Although the process was very hard, it was not so smooth. During the exhibition, there were some episodes and even obstacles, but the effect was quite rich. For these two exhibitions, the ECOBOX team did their best to select the exhibits, booth supplies, and transportation exhibits in the early stage. Even on the eve of the exhibition, due to the force majeure of China, some staff members who had previously decided to participate in the exhibition We are deeply sorry for the failure to participate in the exhibition. Despite the difficulties, we still hope to bring you the best service and products. The two successive exhibitions will only make us more passionately put into work and present the best to everyone.


   In 2020, our pace is still very firm, not only because we have a very deep and powerful company, and the service and quality are excellent. The most important thing is that we have a group of cute little friends who treat the work They have a very serious attitude. They regard the company as their own home and are willing to work tirelessly, hard, and hard for the common goals of this big family. Can give everyone a satisfactory answer in the future.

     In 2020, I hope we can live up to our colleagues and create a new chapter together!


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