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2019 Ecobox Annual Meeting

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2019 Ecobox Annual Meeting


On January 15, 2020, Jiangxi Eco Industrial Co., Ltd. grandly held the annual grand dinner event. All members of the Office and the staff of the Xiaolan Factory attended the banquet. This annual meeting is mainly divided into several contents. First, all members of the company took a group photo. Secondly, the general manager, Mr. Li Guoping, announced the official start of the dinner and delivered a warm speech. Third, the outstanding employees and managers of the year and the company's employees who have reached the age of 5 years have been commended and rewarded. During the dinner, there were also wonderful programs, cheerful interactive games and exciting lottery links, which pushed the dinner to a wave of climaxes and won applause and cheers. There are a lot of activities such as beautiful singing programs, beautiful dance performances, relaxing mini games and grabbing red envelopes.


First of all, Mr. Li Guoping, the general manager, made a brief summary of the company this year in his speech, and also looked forward and planned for the work of the next year. The short speech was profoundly full and entrusted with unlimited confidence and expression of the company's future development. Good expectations for the future development of the company, and thank all the friends and relatives who have contributed to the company and have always supported and helped the development of the Ecobox business.


Subsequently, Ms. Dan and Mr. Tu, the hosts of the banquet, announced the company's annual employees and managers of the year and the five-year-old outstanding employees. . The shortlisted employees expressed their gratitude to the company. The launch of this commendation activity is not only an affirmation of their past work, but also a spur and incentive for future work. They will be encouraged to continue to strive for exemplary leadership in future work, set an example for all employees, and jointly help the company achieve a new higher level.


The first program of this dinner is the singing performance of all the members of the department of foreign trade. The second program is the youthful and beautiful dance performance of the department of domestic trade.The company actively prepared the dinner program, showing the company's vitality and positive corporate outlook.


During the dinner, the company also carried out several rounds of lucky draw activities, and distributed a large number of welfare prizes to employees. Everyone actively participated in them, Lit up the whole party.


Review the past and look to the future.The year 2020 is bound to be a year of opportunities and challenges. We will continue to blaze new trails and strive for new and greater breakthroughs.Let us seize the day together, not late in the dream, not focus on the empty voice, take action, work together, we want to one place, to one place, for the benefit of a better tomorrow to create new brilliant.

Here, Jiangxi Eco industry Co., LTD. Wishes you a happy New Year, good luck in the year of the rat, a happy family, good health and good luck in everything.





Written by Ben Yu



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